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Ilissa Seroka

Founder & CEO

Ilissa Seroka founded InterfaithLiving as a way to unite her Jewish family with the Christian family into which she married. She designs all of the products and is constantly creating new, one-of-a-kind items to support the interfaith community. 

Greg Seroka


Greg Seroka, Ilissa's husband, takes care of all of the finances that Ilissa prefers to ignore. Greg's organizational skills and thoroughness keep the business running smoothly.

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Welcome to InterfaithLiving! We accommodate the ultimate interfaith lifestyle through our large assortment of one-of-a-kind décor, gift wrap, stationery, apparel, and jewelry.

We are a husband/wife team passionate about supporting the rapidly growing interfaith community by designing hundreds of products that blend Jewish-Christian traditions.

Intermarriages are extremely common nowadays with over 1 in 4 married American adults in interfaith marriages. Among Jews in particular, around 2.5 million adults worldwide are married to Christians, with over 10,000 new Jewish-Christian marriages every year in the U.S.

Despite these striking numbers, societal pressures and other challenges still make interfaith lifestyles--especially raising children--difficult. We are no strangers to the challenges that still exist today.

While networks are popping up in major cities to accommodate the growing number of interfaith families, the lack of commercial products to support interfaith lifestyles is surprising and frustrating. 

That is why we founded InterfaithLiving, where we personally design hundreds of unique and affordable products that combine traditions from two faiths. We cover the entire religious spectrum from secular to spiritual to devout. 

While we currently focus on Judeo-Christian designs, we are happy to accommodate any interfaith combination!

Thank you for visiting and please contact us if we can assist you in any way!

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